Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Long Island Bio. Assn.

From Carlson's The Unfit, page 198 (footnote 45): The Long Island Biological Association, associated with the Eugenics Station and the Carnegie Institution, "was often used to fund summer institutes and education programs for school children." Now merged into the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

David Starr Jordan

course on "bionics" in early 20th-century - pioneer of liberal arts education - eugenics

HJ Muller

Professor at UT; geneticist and positive eugenicist
Man's Future Birthright
The World View of Moderns

Liberty Hyde Bailey

Rural Science Series by same

Michelle Mitchell, Righteous Propagation

page 76 - conference in Atlanta in 1902: Negro Young People's Christian and Education Conference - published proceedings: Penn and Bowen, eds, The United Negro: His Problems and His Progress, Containing the Addresses and Proceedings of the Negro Young People's Christian and Educational Congress, held August 6-11, 1902 (Atlanta: DE Luther Publishing, 1902).
book: Floyd's Flowers, or Duty and Beauty for Colored Children
p 136 - "euthenic" = concept of the eugenics of the home - idea of environment's capability of producing significantly different types of children

Dewey and the Alexander Technique

From Armstrong's Modernism, Technology, and the Body, page 107- account of Dewey's affection for the Alexander Technique, conceived by F. Matthias Alexander, which sought to create habits by repetition - reflective mind (rational mind, not subconscious) can inculcate these new habits - Randolph Bourne rejected it in the New Republic.
Alexander's books: Man's Supreme Inheritance (1910); Conscious Control (1912)

Lippit's Electric Animal

Two pieces:
138: Analysis of Alice in Wonderland: in the sequence with the Mock Turtle, we see pedagogy turned into "bodily and affective" pursuits - "Reeling and Writhing," etc. Nonsense? Subversion of human education into animal awakening?
195: Derrida on Freud's turn from the biological (1895) to the technological (1925)